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Posted: Mar 14 2014

Well, that's it, we are LIVE. *runs off and hides under the bed*  It's been an exciting few weeks getting this bad boy ready for you and we really hope you like what we have done.  

We have really tried to bring together a range of vintage inspired dresses that will make you walk that little bit taller and make your ❤ beat that little bit faster.

My name is Amy and this is my business, I got hitched last year and discovered a new world of vintage inspired clothing through choosing my bridesmaids dresses.  I wanted quirky, cool and different!  It was a little bit tricky to find what I wanted and so Clarence and Alabama was born.  I have always loved rooting round in charity shops and I used to be very creative with my outfit choices back in the day! Torn up bridesmaids dresses, vintage flares, 70s knitwear, tablecloth skirts, nighties as dresses and at one point I took to going out in one of my dad's old suits. Since then I must admit to becoming a little safe.  Well, I want to change that.  I want to find brilliant clothes so we can start being 'us' again - I want to find my true romance...and you are coming with me! 


For too long now any event that I have wanted to buy a new dress for I have inevitably found myself running around a shopping centre like a crazed kitten, bouncing from shop to shop, wildly scrabbling through the the rails, eyes like saucers, pouncing on anything that looks half decent. But you know what? - I pretty much always end up 'making do' the dress isn't the right length, i'm not in love with the fabric: hell, it doesn't even fit properly! Lets stop this panic shopping centre behaviour!!  

Finding a brilliant dress really does make you feel amazing, I personally love the fifties style dresses and I found a pink 1950s style dress in a charity shop a few years ago, It was perfect in every-way, spaghetti straps, salmon pink, full circle skirt but was TINY!  That's the trouble with 'proper' vintage clothes, you may find 'the' dress but it's absolutely minuscule and you'd do well to fit your left leg inside!

If that sounds like you then I hope you can relax with a cuppa (maybe a gin, it's up to you) and peruse the dresses and really find something that makes you feel like 'you'.  You deserve it.

Find your True Romance 

Lots of Love amy xx




  • Posted by Caroline on March 20, 2014

    Wow, Amy, this is amazing! Huge congratulations on launching your very own store/website/brand! Beautiful dresses and great prices. I hope it all goes brilliantly x

  • Posted by Louise on March 14, 2014

    Yay! Loving your shop Amy. Gorgeous dresses, I want them all!!! Congratulations xxx

  • Posted by Isla on March 14, 2014

    Whoop! Whoop! Congratulations on opening this wonderful store. I’m desperately swooning over some of these beauties. Well done lovely lady and good luck! x

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