Victory Parade Dresses Review

Written by Amy Calver


Posted on May 20 2014

Made in Manchester in a converted Cotton Mill, Victory Parade (previously Vanity Project) dresses are very special indeed. Gorgeous patterns and very high quality fabrics. Definitely an investment but will last forever. Please read on for my reviews and pictures, also there is a little gift to you at the end of this blog post! I hope you enjoy :)

What I love about these dresses are the patterns, they are really intricate with so much detail.  Here I am in the Judy Retro Frock with a beautiful Songbird print - It is a true 1950's length and should hit sort of mid calf length but as I am tall (5'11'') it falls below the knee on me!  It has the crossover neckline which is very flattering for a bigger bust and nice wide bodice panel to hold you in across the ribcage.  Then it flares out with a full pleated skirt and also has a really lovely fabric covered buckle belt.  The quality of the cotton really is second to none and I find that these dresses fit like a glove.

Next up is the stunning Hawaiian Wiggle Dress - Now I am a classic pear shape with much bigger derrière than my top half! Pencil skirts and dresses just do not suit me....or so I thought!  Normally when I put a pencil skirt on all the fabric sort of clings to my bottom making a massive shelf!  Do you find this? Or is it just me going bonkers!  I did find one pencil skirt where it had two slits at the back which was much more flattering but I have not found one like it since!  Anyway, I digress, back to the wiggle!  Once I had this on I just couldn't get over how nicely it fitted all over - including the derrière! It almost needs a BIGGER bottom to fill it out!  Finally a gorgeous fitted dress that is actually fitted, in all the right places.  I must mention the pattern too, it is stunning peacock floral print on a cream background and is shot through with gorgeous golden threads.


Last but by no means least is the elegant and classic Betty Dress.  The print is a very sumptuous floral and peacock feather affair with the stunning gold thread woven through outlining the beautiful florals and peacock feathers.  This cut is extremely flattering with the crossover neckline, wide bodice panel and then the pleated full circle skirt.  It also has a lovely wide fabric belt to nip you in at the waist.  Again as with all the Victory Parade dresses the cut is great and fits like an glove.

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