Dressing for your Body Shape, Vintage Style

Written by Amy Calver


Posted on June 17 2014

I’ve learnt quite a lot about all of our different body shapes during the past 5 years and although I don't think we should get hung up on shapes and sizes it can really help to know what shape we are and what styles will work especially when it comes to shopping. 


One of the best things about starting up this business has been meeting customers at vintage fairs and seeing the clothes on different bodies. I love to see how the clothes look on different body types and get feedback on the fit and style of the dresses. Lets go through some of the different shapes we all come in.



Pear (or Triangle)


This is me! I think all us juicy pears know that we have bigger bottoms and thighs. Our busts are generally smaller with smaller tummies and narrow waists.Famous pears include Beyonce and Katie Holmes

A-line, fit and flare dresses are the way to go! I think this is why I am so drawn to the 1940's & 1950's vintage style clothing as so much of it suits a pear shape. Another bonus of being a pear is in general our arms and necklines are much slimmer so we can embrace a strapless dresses or or smaller straps to emphasize our smallest area. 

 The 1950's big full skirts are just perfect teamed with their fitted bodices. Why not get a petticoat to go for the full flounce! 



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