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Dressing for your Body Shape, Vintage Style

Written by Amy Calver


Posted on June 17 2014

I’ve learnt quite a lot about all of our different body shapes during the past 5 years and it seemed like as good as time as any to share.  One of the best things about starting up this business has been meeting customers at fairs, my old pop-up shop or at even at home. I then get to see the dresses on all different body types and get feedback on the fit and style of the dresses.

This is me!  I think all us pears know that that A-line dresses and skirts are the way to go!  They are almost always super flattering, skimming over the bottom and hiding any lumps and bumps.  I have a lot of swing type a-line dresses for you to peruse.  I also think that longer maxi skirts and dresses from the 1970s look great on pears and have an elongating effect.  Long skirt and fitted tops are great for pear shaped gals. 
I am so jealous!  Hourglass ladies are made for the 1950s style dresses!  Cinched waists, fitted cardigans, pencil skirts and wiggle dresses make an hourglass figure look its best. 
Apples generally have a sizeable bust and shapely legs.  It is best to pick one or the other to show off!  Or both, who am I to dictate!  Admittedly most of the dresses on my site do have fitted waists so Apples you could look to the 1920s/30s and 1960s for inspiration.  The best shapes for Apples are dresses that don’t emphasize the waist.  Wrap dresses are a good bet and we normally stock a few of these.  Our ever popular Navy Blue Bird Dress has an empire waist line so is also perfect !
Column (Rectangle)                           
Column (or Rectangle) ladies generally have shoulders and hips pretty much the same width and not much of a waist.  1960s mod styles were made for this body shape, think Twiggy! Or how about 1920s/30s flapper style dresses. Rectangles are very lucky in that they can wear mostly anything! 
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    Posted by Jennifer Edwards | August 09, 2014
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