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Dressing for your Body Shape, Vintage Style

I’ve learnt quite a lot about all of our different body shapes during the past 5 years and although I don't think we should get hung up on shapes and sizes it can really help to know what shape we are and what styles will work especially when it comes to shopping. 

One of the best things about starting up this business has been meeting customers at vintage fairs and seeing the clothes on different bodies. I love to see how the clothes look on different body types and get feedback on the fit and style of the dresses. Lets go through some of the different shapes we all come in.

Pear (or Triangle)

This is me! I think all us juicy pears know that we have bigger bottoms and thighs. Our busts are generally smaller with smaller tummies and narrow waists.Famous pears include Beyonce and Katie Holmes

A-line, fit and flare dresses are the way to go! I think this is why I am so drawn to the 1940's & 1950's vintage style clothing as so much of it suits a pear shape. Another bonus of being a pear is in general our arms and necklines are much slimmer so we can embrace a strapless dresses or or smaller straps to emphasize our smallest area. 

 The 1950's big full skirts are just perfect teamed with their fitted bodices. Why not get a petticoat to go for the full flounce! 

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I am so jealous! Hourglass ladies are made for the 1950's style dresses, they are a rare shape and much desired in the western world. Cinched waists, fitted cardigans, pencil skirts and wiggle dresses make an hourglass figure look its best. 

Hourglass ladies generally have bust and hips of equal proportions. Large bust, defined waists and shapely legs

Famous hourglasses include Marilyn Monroe and Kate Winslet

Scoop, sweetheart and V-neck lines all emphasise your bust an draw the eye down to an hourglasses enviable figure. 

1950s vintage style dresses really do make the most of this shape, and why not fully embrace your curves and go full Hollywood glamour in a fitted wiggle dress.

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Apple ladies generally have a sizeable bust and shapely legs. They have broad shoulders and a larger tummy.  Hips are narrower than the bust and they generally have a flat ish bottom.

Famous apple shapes include Dame Judi Dench and Drew Barrymore

The best shapes for Apples are dresses that don’t emphasize the waist.  Wrap dresses are a good bet and we normally stock a few of these.  A good trick is to find dresses which make it look like your waistline is not at waist level.  So a dropped skirt e.g flapper dresses or an empire line raises the waistline. Our ever popular Navy Blue Bird Dress has an empire waist line so is perfect.

Plunging or V-neck necklines work great along with big skirts with lots of flounce so the 1950's vintage style is your friend.

Vivian Blue Bird Swing Dress

Column (Rectangle or Banana)


Column (or Rectangle/Banana) ladies generally have shoulders and hips pretty much the same width and not much of a waist.  Busts are average or small and usually a rectangle shape carries their weight evenly around the body or maybe store it around your middle.

Famous Bananas include Cameron Diaz and Kelly Clarkson

Banana ladies, embrace your wonderfully straight figure, most dress shapes will suit you but you might find halternecks, boatneck lines and patterned top halves will suit you the best.  With a straight figure you can create the illusion of an hourglass silhouette with 1950's & 1940s dresses

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Sweet strawberry's have an inverted triangle body shape. You gorgeous strawberries generally have a straight shoulder line that is wider than your hips. Large bust, little definition between waist and hip and a flat bottom. 

Famous strawberries include Gisele Bundchen and Naomi Campbell

Your strawberry figure looks amazing in dresses. Wrap styles on a strawberry body are great as they draw attention down from your shoulders to your slim waist.

V, scoop and sweetheart necklines are what you need to look out for. 

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