❤ Tips for a Lovely Smelling Wardrobe ❤

Posted: Mar 20 2014

Now you may think that this is the world’s most boring blog post in the history of blog posts but I absolutely love nice smelling clothes.  I’m not ashamed, I’m coming out, my name is Amy and I’m addicted to fabric conditioner


There’s nothing better than a nice big sheet drying out on a warm radiator imparting a refreshing clean smell, or opening the tumble dryer to hot sweet smelling towels.  You must think I am bonkers.  At the moment things are terrible, the fabric conditioner is not taking in the washing machine.  Why does this happen!?  This must be fixed immediately!

So yes, I love fabric conditioner, hard.  So why must our clothes smell musty after a few weeks of being nicely hung up in our wardrobes!  Life is hard sometimes, so I have some tips to keep your glad rags (purchased from Clarence and Alabama of course) smelling sweet long after the fabric conditioner has left the wardrobe.

  • Tumble dryer sheets, just pop a couple in the bottom of your wardrobe
  • A bag of cedar chips, this is a classic and also deters those pesky moths. 
  • Apparently chalk soaks up whiffy odours?  You learn something new every day. Time to raid a small child’s stash and pop them in a small bag
  • Bars of soap!  - Good idea, you can choose whichever scent you like and boom! Lovely smells emanating from your drawers (!)
  • Spray cotton wool balls with your favourite perfume –  easy peasy
  • Baking soda (this stuff is good for everything right?!) it will absorb the whiffs same as the chalk option


Have you tried any of these options before?  Do you need to talk to someone about your addiction to fabric conditioner? If you need advice about any of the issues raised during this blog post, get in touch! ❤