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Why don't you stock vintage plus size clothing?

Written by Amy Calver


Posted on April 13 2019

This is a question I get asked frequently and it is a fair and important question.  I feel terrible that I am not able to offer a full range of sizes to everyone.  It should just be that way but alas it is not.  This also applied to petite and tall ranges, all niche markets.

There are a few issues that I'm up against when buying stock for the website and fairs and so I will explain to you what happens behind the scenes.

1. Some vintage reproduction fashion brands are new and starting out and so only make up to a size 16 or 18.  The 'regular' sizes we find in the high streets (UK8-18) are the best selling sizes and so with money and resources tight most start ups will stick to the mainstream.  Once they become more established they can start to explore the plus sizes

2. Lots of my suppliers sell their items in packs, so I have to buy in a lot of dresses all at once and can't just select piece by piece.  I have to buy for example 10 dresses in their 'regular' pack of 8-16 or 8-18 and then if I want to stock the plus sizes I would have to buy another 'plus' pack of 18-22 or 20-26.  Often they charge more money for the plus sizes too.  I know it's rubbish and unfair but this appears to be the way it is for now.  It is risky for me as a small business to invest in one dress in all the sizes but if it does very well then I will get more sizes in

3. Some suppliers have told me that they have tried making plus sizes but they had a lot of returns as the fit was not right.  They found it difficult to adapt their patterns.  Now I don't think this is right but it is genuinely what someone told me and so I didn't want to keep anything from you.

I hope that has cleared up a few questions.  Please do contact me if you see something and I don't have your size, I can point you in the right direction or even order it in for you if it is possible for me to order just one piece in and not a whole pack. I hope has my business grows I will be able to stock all the sizes!  

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