About Us

Hello, my name is Amy, welcome to Clarence and Alabama.ย 

Clarence and Alabama has been trading since 2014.ย  Created by me, it's been through A LOT!ย ย I've sent thousands of orders, traded atย manyย vintage fairs and markets. I ran a pop-up shop and organised an awesome vintage fair.

I took a break in 2018 as I had twin girls and now have 3 children.ย  Me and my husband re-located to Folkestone (via Hanwell, London & Tunbridge Wells) in November 2018.ย  We took a day trip one summer and that was it we couldn't wait to move and be part of it!ย 

I re-launched Clarence and Alabama in April 2019 and have been going strength to strength ever since.

I work out of myย unit in Folkestone and I am OBSESSED with hunting down great fitting clothing for my customers.ย  I source lots of different brands but it is a dream of mine to get my own line designed and made so watch this space!ย 

I LOVE picking out dresses and clothing that I think my customers will enjoy and make them feel wonderful.ย  My customers are at the heart of everything I do.ย  I have a brilliant loyal customer base and appreciate every last one of you!ย  I hope you enjoy shopping x

This is a picture of me from a million years ago!ย  Haha I don't look like this anymore but you can find me on instagram where I talk more about the clothing and how I manage the business.ย  I will get a new photo done soon I promise!

P.S ย just in case you were wondering Clarence and Alabama are the lead characters in the film True Romance. ย Directed by Tony Scott and written by Quentin Tarantino, it's the best love story ever!